Expande is an Open Innovation Program for Mining of a public-private nature that is based on a concept of collaboration within a linked model that enables the demand for the technological solutions required by the mining industry to be matched with offers made by suppliers.


We encourage the development of a more competitive and global mining industry, opening up high impact areas, finding solutions and installing technological capabilities that are able to develop an industry with diversified products and services, with a potential for replicability and export.

  • Access to the challenges faced by top mining companies.

  • Dissemination and visibility of technological solutions.

  • Mining expertise.

  • Domestic and international networking.

  • Verification and technological transfers.

  • Advice regarding access to financing.

Benefits forInnovation Companies

Circulation and visibility

To take part in the open innovatory processes managed by Expande and access the challenges faced by mining companies handling 21% of the world’s total copper production.

Expertise in mining

Steer the development of top-tier business models and proposals for the mining industry.

Access to domestic and international networks with regard to issues such as:

  • Associations between suppliers, enhancing the ability to identify opportunities and generate new business.
  • New sources of financing
  • Intellectual Property Strategies.
  • Pilot technological schemes.
  • Globalization.

Benefits forMining Companies

Open Innovation

  • Identifying operational challenges.
  • Preselecting and recommending technological solutions.
  • Ongoing technological prospections with innovatory companies and enterprises.
  • Access to a portfolio of domestic and international suppliers.

Technological transfers and solutions

  • Identifying technologically-based suppliers.
  • Advice on the development of technical proposals and business models.
  • Support during the verification process, pilot programs and implementation of the    technologies.
  • Access to financing and scaling of suppliers.
  • Associations of suppliers, adding capacities and integrating technologies.