Ore Pre-concentration


Ore Pre-concentration

CODELCO has asked Expande to prospect the local and international ecosystem to identify technological solutions that respond to the technical challenge “Ore pre-concentration”

General aspects 
The degradation of natural resources, specifically the decline in the mineral grade is a normal process to which every mining business is exposed and which is the result of the exhaustion of its mining reserves. This has meant that many mining companies have seen the supply of ore to their facilities reduced and are evaluating obtaining copper from low-grade resources and, in some cases, from materials that at some point in the useful life of the deposit were considered waste as a consequence of the process and / or economic conditions.
These materials, normally deposited in surrounding areas to the operations, represent an interesting business potential to use available capacities in the plant since they can be processed at marginal cost, where the mine expense component is reduced only to the item of transport between the stock and the primary crushing feed box.
Objectives of this prospection
Identify suppliers that have technological solutions that allow to technically and economically pre-concentrate (ore-sorting) material deposited in stock. This material corresponds to primary sulfide resources that have an average grade of 0.20 – 0.25% Cut.
Technological Solutions requirements
• Facilitate the increase in the grade of the material by at least 30% and ensure that it does not create a loss in the operational performance of the plant.
• Operate at rates of 1000 to 2000 tpd to ensure the continuity of the concentration plant.
• The solution must be mobile and adaptable to different fronts and operational work spaces.
• The technological solution must be made up of robust components that withstand operational conditions in the presence of particulate material, humidity and interference with material movement equipment.
The technological proposal should focus only on the pre-concentration stage. Excludes feeding and material transport activities. These issues will be addressed later in an eventual negotiation process.


Scouting Invitation and reception of prequalification information

May 28 to Jun 19, 2020


Prospecting and meetings

Jun 10 to Jun 24, 2020



Jun 25, 2020


Analysis of proposed solutions and sending a report to the client

Jun 26 to Jul 01, 2020


Client decides next steps

Jul 02, 2020 and forward