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Worker information integrator


Worker information integrator

Challenge Description

Currently, AMSA does not have a centralized system that incorporates all the information regarding workers. The available data is in different independent systems, which are not integrated with each other. The most important one is SIGA: a system of accreditation and access control (entry-exit) which, on its own, is vulnerable to factors that detract from the correct accounting of staffing (in real time) and times on site.

Since 2020, there has been a greater focus on the control and management of third-party staffing through the areas of Third-Party Services and HR, in addition to the learning and gaps obtained by incorporating new ways of operating in the Covid context and teleworking.

In order to comply with staffing control and others, data is entered manually, involving various areas in the site and a large number of resources daily.



The system required must allow to:

  • Obtain and integrate workers’ information: attributes, work rules, assignments according to contractual contributions, health data, licenses, industrial safety and training, income and time on site, work area, access, hotel and casino use, shifts (on-site and remote) and compliance with Covid protocols. The solution must extract data from different sources (Excel, SIGA, physical documents, among others). The physical documents must be digitized and incorporated into the system.
  • Automate and integrate manual controls if required (e.g. totem systems, ID reader, controls, etc.).
  • Generate a centralized information repository that allows global control, in an automated and online way.
  • Automated reporting of updated information, online and in real time for each worker.
  • Perform information analysis, in particular projecting and managing resources in advance.

Background and previous attempts

Progress has been made along independent lines according to local information/management needs: SIGA improvements, hotel software, Covid daily controls, manual counts, etc.

Expected benefits

  • Integrated information according to attributes per worker, pattern detection.
  • Greater control of staffing and interactions at the site (access, food, lodging).
  • Anticipated management of resources (food, lodging, transportation).

Key performance indicators

  • Reduce food and hotel losses (expenses).
  • Maximize resource utilization (transportation, lodging) considering Covid protocols.
  • Online and real time information.
  • Projection of business risk scenarios


Operation and processes involved

  • Area of interest: Automation and Systems
  • Interested management: Fluid Transport and Dams Management
  • Process involved: Transversal