Open Space

Expande Open Space



Open Space is a strategic platform open to the entire community that sets out to be the meeting point for innovative companies that are looking for a partner to develop their technological solutions and scale their businesses in the mining industry, locally and globally, in a collaborative manner.




Who can apply?



Innovative companies and startups, local or international, with experience in mining or other industries, that possess development capacities and/or technological solutions that can be used to address the natural resources industry’s challenges, with a focus on the mining sector.





You can access a global community of technological companies that will let you:


  • Activate new opportunities for partnerships.
  • Enhance complementing and installing capacities.
  • Enhance the creation of alliances and/or consortia.
  • Enhance the internationalization and soft-landing process to get started in new markets through associations between companies.


This space will allow its participants to visualize what they offer and are looking for in a collaborator within this community.


How to be a part of Open Space?

Click on the “Register here” button and take the following steps: