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E-Blueprint Challenge

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MARCH 13, 2023



16:00 (UTC-3)

BHP E-Blueprint Challenge

At BHP we recognise the role we must play in helping the world achieve its decarbonisation ambitions and contribute to the creation of a higher social value in the society we operate.  


In that way, and in line with our objectives to support the net zero transition and continue to lead the sustainable provision of our products, we invite you to be a pioneer and part of the “E-Blueprint” Challenge, an initiative that seeks to transform, revolutionize and promote the integration of clean energies that contribute to the decarbonization and energy transition of our transport fleet, thus enabling sustainable mining and widespread diesel displacement in the 2030s. 


Currently, at a global level, BHP has thousands of buses and light vehicles for transporting personnel from urban centers to and within its sites. In particular, Minera Escondida uses around 30 vans, 120 buses and over 1,000 pickup trucks that circulate daily, all of which use diesel fuel.



Technological solutions are sought to manage fleets of low-emission vehicles (buses, vans and trucks, among others), integrating energy requirements, infrastructure and resources of each area in a systematized, centralized and optimized manner
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Looking for passenger transport vehicles (vans, buses, pick-up trucks) using clean energy sources.
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Looking for charging or filling infrastructure for low-emission vehicles (e.g., electric, hydrogen, a mixture or other) is sought.
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Who can apply?

Companies, startups, research centers or other entities legally constituted, in accordance with the current legislation of their country of origin.



The winner(s) will have the opportunity to work with BHP in the next steps of the process.


At Enterprise Innovation & Decarb Procurement  of BHP, our objective as a sourcing function is to bring the best of the innovation world to BHP, to solve current problems that need a solution or optimization. The area enables an Open Innovation methodology at BHP to access technological and business capabilities to solve operational challenges. It does this by identifying and prioritizing critical business challenges, aligned with BHP’s priorities, and launching them to the market, not by specifying a product or service, but by asking for a solution. It then awards an on-site pilot to demonstrate that the solution is viable. 

Expande seeks to promote the development of ecosystems that allow the creation of virtuous circles between the challenges of the natural resources industry and innovative solutions from local and international companies. Under a model of open innovation and associativity, we seek that companies and suppliers capture value for their businesses through the incorporation and implementation of technologies. 

Fundación Chile is a public-private organization whose purpose is fostering the transformation of Chile towards sustainable development. For more than 45 years, it has collaboratively created innovative, high-impact solutions for the country, addressing local challenges with a global reach. It has been pioneer enhancing and enabling different productive sectors, such as the aquaculture industry, the agro– industrial sector, the movement towards renewable energies such as solar power, the first venture capital funds in Latin America, among others.