• The E-Blueprint call developed by BHP, in alliance with Fundación Chile’s Expande, seeks to transform the use of energy in the passenger transportation fleet.
  • Our purpose is to unite people and resources to create a better world through innovative solutions and where we make a positive contribution to society and the environment, to our employees and collaborators, as well as to the countries and regions where we operate.
  • Applications will be open until March 13 at the following link

BHP, in alliance with Fundación Chile’s Expande, launched the “E-Blueprint” Open Innovation call, with the purpose of transforming, revolutionizing and promoting the integration of clean energies that enable the energy transition of its people transportation fleet.

The initiative is aimed at companies, startups, institutes, research centers and other legally constituted entities that have capabilities or technology focused on three challenges: integrated fleet management platforms, personnel transport vehicles, and charging or filling stations.

“At BHP, we firmly believe that the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team with our partners and suppliers is the foundation for moving faster and further in meeting our challenges. Bringing these challenging initiatives to market allows us to accelerate innovation, foster development in our current suppliers, seek feedback from future suppliers, and focus on where we need to add value in our industry and our communities. The e-blueprint aligns with the goals we have set for ourselves in terms of decarbonization within the supply chain, and our bidding processes regarding electric vehicle fleets, and charging infrastructure studies,” noted Juliet Taylor, VP of Procurement Minerals Americas.

Along the same lines, Ricardo Morgado, Director of Strategy and Development of Expande, said that “at Fundación Chile and Expande we seek to support the productive and innovative development of the country with a long-term vision, addressing the most urgent challenges we face, for example, in terms of climate change – water security, circular economy, fair energy transition and new sources, through innovation and entrepreneurship, as determining levers of value creation”.

The finalists of the call will have the opportunity to present their solutions at a Demo Day, where the winner(s) will be selected and will have the opportunity to work together with BHP in the next steps.

Applications will be open until March 13 at the following link.