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Do you have solutions focused on new uses of brine and monitoring of diving activities?








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In its constant search to incorporate innovative solutions in its different operations, BHP with the support of Expande wants to know the technological offer of suppliers focused on new uses of brine and monitoring of diving activities. This process is not conducive to a challenge or other type of initiatives promoted by Expande. Expressions of interest will be sent directly to BHP, who will decide the steps to follow


New uses of brine:

Solutions focused on new uses for brines from reverse osmosis desalination plants.

(STATUS: Closed)


Monitoring of diving activities:


Solutions that allow to monitor the work carried out by divers to supervise the execution of underwater tasks, such as: alignment of chains, visualization of marine flora and fauna and photographic record.

* At this stage, only the information mentioned above is available. No technical bases will be provided for this process, since it is a general consultation to the ecosystem.


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