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Access control and human tracking system

Faena: Salvador Division

Deadline 24/10/2022

Closing Time 4:00 pm

Currently, access control to Codelco’s facilities is carried out by means of identification cards that each worker must carry when entering the Corporation’s facilities. The system has been complemented with tags and CCTV equipment systems that allow monitoring the presence of people in specific areas.

In order to modernize and/or complement the access control systems in the operational centers, technological solutions are sought for:

  • Perform staff access control without the use of identification cards and/or tags, or consider the use of the last ones in a complementary way.
  • Detect and monitor the flow of people in delimited areas within the site. The areas for access control and people detection to be considered in this challenge are 2: Integrated Operations Center (CIO) and an industrial area to be defined. The scouting process could lead to the identification and selection of suppliers for a competitive process of supply or purchase, whose scope will be defined according to the degree of maturity of the proposals that apply to the open innovation process, which could give rise to a pilot validation test, or to an implementation if they are relevant and meet the evaluation and selection criteria defined by Codelco.
  • It must monitor online and in real time the entry of employees and generate alarms when unauthorized personnel enters.
  • It must generate information on the location of employees inside the premises, in areas of low visibility (due to darkness, presence of particulate matter or adverse weather conditions) or with access and communication restrictions.
  • It must consider hardware that allows the recognition of people entering a certain area, whether open (mine pit, subway, plants) or closed (CIO room, substations, powder magazines, among others).
  • The software must allow the user to incorporate visualization and report generation with the information to be defined by the client.
  • In the case of closed areas, it must have its own communication infrastructure to send data and information to platforms.
  • It must be able to be integrated to information platforms available by the client, where employee information will be validated to verify authorization to enter the specific area.
  • It must be compatible with infrastructure available in Codelco in order to optimize the use of resources such as cameras and other assets (CCTV systems, drones, surveillance cameras, current identification system).

Consulting and advising.


Modernize and/or complement the access control and people location systems in the operational areas in order to have an integral and centralized information system to manage resources, safeguard access to restricted areas and generate action plans in case of emergencies.

  • Not having the location of employees limits action plans in case of operational accidents.
  • Access of unauthorized employees in restricted areas with the consequent risk of accidents and material losses.


There is a personal card for each worker, presence detection systems by means of tags and CCTV system.

Currently we are working with presence detection by means of tags, but these are highly transferable elements and do not fulfill the objective of identifying the person. The Corporation is working on an information system related to credentialing, training, and special permits that should be integrated into the proposed solution in the future.