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AMSA-05-2022 “Fuel consumption management for haul trucks”


Deadline 11/07/2022

Closing Time 4:00 pm

Given the relevance that fuel consumption represents in the
operational costs of the mining area, Antucoya needs to
implement technological solutions that allow, through greater
sensorization and data processing, to manage more efficiently
the use of this important resource.

Identify technological solutions to reduce and/or avoid fuel
overconsumption in K930E4 and K930E5 mining trucks by
means of the following tools or functionalities:
❖ Implementation of sensors that measure directly, on-line
and in real time the instantaneous fuel consumption of
K930E4 and K930E5 mining trucks.
❖ Integration and processing through advanced analytics of
the information delivered by:
– Sensors to be installed.
– Existing instrumentation and platforms: GPS, equipment
load in tons, equipment status (action an equipment is
performing, e.g., shift change or waiting for crushing),
height, inclination, speed, tire pressure and
temperature, etc.
– Mine dispatch and planning system.
As outputs, it must deliver: specific consumption per hour,
by route sections, by geographic altitude, among others;
mine routes with the points of highest and lowest fuel
consumption; and recommendations to the mine planning
and operation areas.
❖ Detection of substandard driving practices aimed at reinstructing operators and ensuring correct application of
equipment operating procedures.

• Comprehensive solution including sensorization, data
integration platform and information analysis to recommend
best operational practices.
• The solution must consider that information will be delivered
from the Jigsaw platform. For this purpose, a user will be
created for the supplier.

• Deliver daily and/or weekly reports with the
identification of sectors and routes of higher
specific consumption. Reporting should be flexible
according to the client’s requirements..
• The solution should be agile, adaptable and noninvasive, i.e. the devices or components should be
easy to install/maintain and should not require
major structural changes to the extraction trucks.
• Must have an advanced technological maturity
level, TRL ≥ 7, i.e. at least at prototype level tested
in operational environment.
• For sensors, it must provide information
regarding: portability and location of the devices;
data storage and transmission capacity; and
energy autonomy.
• For data transmission it must use an internal
mesh network and comply with Antofagasta
Minerals’ security and communications standards.
• The proposal must include induction and training
for the different areas, considering Mine
Operations, Maintenance, Information Technology
and Communications, among the most important



Artificial intelligence and machine learning platform to predict fuel tank level based on available information. Does not include sensorization.

Decrease in fuel consumption of K930E4 and
K930E5 trucks versus budget.
•Improvements in the transportation process in
terms of operational practices, routes, tires,
among others.

Loading and Transportation Superintendence, Minera Antucoya.