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Automated fleet management systems for mine equipments


Deadline 08/03/2021

Closing Time

General aspects

The exploitation of open-pit mines requires the removal, loading and transport of material in haul trucks, from the working face to the different possible destinations (dumps, stockpiles, crushing plant) considering multiple aspects such as: compliance with the mining plan, road and equipment condition, operational requirements, among others. Therefore, a complete overview of the mining business must be considered and carried out in the shortest possible time.

The fleet management systems of mining equipments allow the dynamic assignment of instructions to mining shovels and haul trucks operators considering different objectives and defined restrictions. However, if there are changes in operational conditions or any contingency, it is necessary to configure different parameters of the system used in order to adapt to the new conditions. This is a big and complex task that requires skilled staff.

Objective and scope

Identify technological solutions that allow the adaptation of fleet management systems to new operational scenarios through the collection, integration and management of information in an efficient and automated way.

Solution requirements

The proposed technological solution must consider the following requirements:

  • Ability to interact with some of the following fleet management systems: Modular Mining, Wenco, Jigsaw or others.
  • Compatibility with databases used by mine design and planning software already on the market.
  • Ability to verify output data
  • Reportability tools oriented to indicate the performance status.
  • Ability to operate on local servers or equipment.
  • Ability to assign instructions to equipment operators (non-exclusive).

Consulting and engineering studies will not be considered in the evaluation process.

Current problem


The previous configuration of the fleet management systems (dispatch) requires the manual handling and crossing of different types and sources of information, which is not always done promptly, generating production losses.


  • Mining plan is not fulfilled.
  • Less productivity and profitability in loading and haulage operations.
  • Less productivity in the management of the equipment fleet.

When does the problem occur?

Any time when business scenarios or operational conditions change.

How is it currently resolved?

The parameter setting of fleet management systems is carried out manually by the dispatcher each time it is required.

Tested technologies

Technological solutions have not been tested.