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Automated tricone replacement in large diameter drill rigs


Deadline 03/04/2020

Closing Time

Antofagasta Minerals has requested Expande to scout for suppliers in the local and international ecosystem that can provide solutions for the challenge “Automated tricone replacement in large diameter drill rigs”

To develop a technological solution that allows the automation replacement of drill bit, at least for Epiroc PV-351 model, used in open pit mines. It is intended to eliminate labor in the replacement activity and also increase productivity. In the future, the technological solution is expected to allow for an autonomous operation.

Challenge scope:

The technological solution must consider the use of a mechanical system that allows the automation replacement of an 80 kg tricone, by removing the used element towards a disposal area and then placing a new one. Technical characteristics of the solution:

▪ Application without modifying of the main equipment.

▪ Solutions based on robotic technology are desirable, but not exclusive.

▪ Solutions with a technological development greater than prototype, i.e. TRL ≥ 6.

▪ Solutions and subsystems compatible with the operational conditions of Minera Los Pelambres.

▪ Design with maintenance capabilities.

Previous solution attempts:
No history of previous attempts.
Expected benefits:
• Minimize people’s exposure to risk.
• Increase productivity in the mine operation.
• Enable the integration and development of a fully autonomous mining fleet.
Key performance indicators:
• Medium time to repair.
• Productivity.