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Structural mapping of drilling samples


Deadline 24/03/2022

Closing Time 4:00 pm

A relevant aspect in the field of geosciences is the geotechnical and structural characterization of the deposits in order to generate models from which geomechanical criteria are defined to be considered in the design of the mine planning. To achieve these objectives, significant financial and technical resources are invested to obtain such information from the mapping of mining fronts and drill holes. The mapping of drilling samples requires a significant amount of man hours of professional geotechnical specialists and also demanding and rigorous quality standards in order to obtain traceable information to meet international standards and audits of resources and reserves that support business plans.

Identify technological solutions to complement manual characterization activities to obtain geotechnical and structural information of the deposits.

The proposed technological solution must meet the following requirements: – Automate the capture and processing of geotechnical information from drilling samples. – Data processing through advanced analytics to deliver as a result at least the following information: Fracture Frequency (FF), Rock Quality Designation (RQD), recognition, orientation and thickness of structures, differentiating soft and hard structures. – It is desirable that the system is able to differentiate natural fractures from induced fractures. – Ability to store the information in a standardized and auditable database. – Compatibility with geological/geotechnical modeling software (Vulcan, Minesight, Leapfrog, etc.). – Customizable reporting, visualization and user interface tools. – Comply with Codelco’s security and communications standards

The following will not be considered in the background evaluation process: – Advisories, consultancies or engineering studies.

Geotechnical/structural drilling samples mapping requires a high demand for professional specialists and rigorous procedures to ensure the auditability of the model, however, the standardization of the information is exposed to human error.

Requirement of significant time and human resources to obtain/update the structural and geotechnical model of a deposit, being fundamentally conditioned to the generation of basic information


The information is captured through manual drilling samples mapping.

No technologies have been tested for what is required.


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