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Collection and return of fine ore to conveyor belts


Deadline 13/12/2020

Closing Time

Challenge description

Due to the generation of pollution in Antucoya Mine, there is a dust collection zone which is close to the crushing area. This fine ore is required to be returned to the CV010 conveyor belt, which feeds the agglomeration process (see the image below). The return of ore to the conveyor belt must be at a controlled rate, without generating major emissions to the environment and at low cost. In addition, the fine dust fed to the conveyor belt must not contain other materials (wastes, remains of other materials, etc.), since it will continue downstream to the agglomerationleaching process.

Challenge scope

  • Reprocessing of material collected on the CV010 conveyor belt (313.000 tonnes)
  • Return fine ore to the CV010 conveyor belt at a rate between 400 to 500 tonnes/day (belt to floor with height of 2 m)
  • Collection and return of fine material scattered under CV010 conveyor belt.

Previous experiences

The solutions that have been evaluated are expensive.


Expected benefits

  • Mitigate environmental liability of 160,000 m3 of dust
  • Increase copper production

Key performance indicators

  • Tonnes of dust removed and returned per day
  • US $ / Tonne of dust removed

Area of interest

  • Improve the cost of returning the dust to the process.
  • Ensure operational continuity in critical equipment.


Interested management

Project Management


Processes involved


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