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Development of products from the recycling of plastic, wood and textile waste generated at Spence


Deadline 18/05/2022

Closing Time 2:00 pm

BHP is in the process of implementing a waste
management strategy based on the waste
minimization hierarchy, encouraging materials to
circulate before reaching the end of their life cycle
and being transformed through recycling. In this
context, Spence Mine is interested in developing
products on a pilot scale, using plastic, wood and
textile waste generated at Spence.
Ideally, the product resulting from this pilot should
have an on-site use, either as: office material,
public spaces, food areas, mining industrial use
elements, to name a few, and should recycle one
or more of the materials detailed in Table 1.
If the pilot is successful, implementation on an
industrial scale will be evaluated.
Excluded Solutions: Solutions that do not
deliver a final recycling product are excluded. For
example, advisory or consulting services in waste
management or recycling and software
associated with traceability and information

Table 1: materials and wastes of the challenge

For the pilot test required to be conducted from this
call, the applicant should consider:

One or more of the materials listed in Table 1 must
be used.
• It must generate social value in its use, either in
Spence or in the communities near the mine.
• Must have a level of technological maturity that
allows piloting to begin during the second half of
2022, i.e., TRL greater than or equal to 6 (testing of
prototypes or major components in a relevant


The supplier shall define the amount of waste to be
used in the pilot and the duration of the pilot.
• Spence will have an on-site collection center.
• The waste will be delivered unwashed, however,
they are not contaminated with hazardous
• Spence has a shredder for plastic and wood waste if
• The proposed solution is expected to address the
entire waste value chain, from collection at the site’s
collection center, segregation, if necessary,
transportation, washing and recycling process.
Suppliers that do not have all the required
capabilities can form alliances to apply as a
consortium. However, proposals that only
undertake one stage of the process will not be
• As applicable, environmental permits, sectoral
permits, Regional Ministerial Secretariat (in Spanish,
Seremi) of Health and/or information required for
National Waste Declaration System (in Spanish,
SINADER) and final disposal certificates must be

Describe in general terms the business model to be
proposed, including a potential volume of waste to be
treated. The company will inform the available
quantities of waste to the applicants that advance in the

NPI, Environment Managements of Spence Mine
and BHP, Value Chain NPI BHP.
Pampa Norte’s purpose is to work with passion,
discipline and respect to produce the sustainable
copper that the planet needs.


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