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Driver behaviour management platform


Deadline 27/01/2021

Closing Time

Technological solutions are sought – of the digital platform type – that allow the management of the behavior of vehicle drivers (vans, trucks, buses, sprinters, among others) by integrating the available data from different sources of information present in the equipment, which allow the determination of driving behavior from at least the following information: positioning, speed, accelerometer information, driver identification, on-board computer reading, drowsiness and fatigue devices, etc.; with a focus on contributing to the aspects of safety, health and productivity in the industrial area or outside it.



  • Interoperability with different types of devices (hardware) already in existence, and systems from different suppliers.
  • Capacity for data integration and processing, consolidating them in a database accessible to BHP and presented in a management platform.
  • Centralized monitoring, online and in real time.
  • Automatic and flexible reporting to design userdefined reports and indicators.
  • Emission of alerts to areas or people responsible according to predefined conditions.
  • Recording, monitoring and management of gaps (violations).
  • Generation of driver profiles and ranking according to parameter definition.

Other desirable, but not excluding requirements are:

  • Development of mobile application for drivers.
  • Modeling and predictability capabilities.
  • Engineering or consulting services are excluded

Operations and processes involved

Transversal challenge to all BHP sites, in charge of the Vice-presidency of Projects.


There is a significant flow of vehicles to and within BHP operations, formed by vehicles and equipment of different types and brands, some of which have sensors or instrumentation to measure certain parameters such as: speed, location, vital signs of the vehicle, and biometric sensors to analyze driver fatigue and drowsiness. Currently, there is a platform that allows the partial capture of some of these sources of information, which does not provide a global view of all variables related to driving behavior that allows taking preventive and corrective actions in a timely manner, with the aim of minimizing traffic accidents.



It is difficult to apply preventive and corrective measures to reduce the probability of accidents, since there is only partial information that hinders the characterization of driving behavior.


Problem occurrence

Every time vehicles and mobile equipment circulate to and within the mining company.


Current solution

Multiplatform capable of integrating, processing and analyzing GPS information from different fleets, generating alerts of deviations, management of these gaps and visualization (dashboard) of the information.


Proven technologies

A piloting with a platform that captures and processes additional information to the GPS, with limitations in the interoperability of information from multibrand sensors, was carried out.