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Energy efficiency in mining equipment


Deadline 22/12/2020

Closing Time

In line with environmental care and sustainability, Teck – Carmen de Andacollo has set challenging goals to increase energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint in all its operations. For this reason, the company needs to incorporate technologies that reduce the consumption of fossil fuels both in the loading and transportation equipment of the mine.

Objective and scope

Identify technological solutions to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels in haul trucks and other loading and transportation equipment. These solutions must demonstrate that there is a reduction in the carbon footprint.

Solution requirements

  • Minimal operational interference.
  • Easy to install and uninstall.
  • Generation of positive impacts on the
    environment (carbon footprint).
  • Do not negatively impact equipment
    performance and / or productivity.
  • Must meet the safety standards of Teck
  • Do not produce changes in the design of
    the equipment.
  • Consulting and / or engineering studies.
  • Proposals for changes in the current type
    of energy (fossil fuel).
  • Proposals for the replacement of the
    current truck fleet.


Fuel consumption for loading and transportation equipment at Teck CDA is currently 1.5 million liters per month, which is expected to be reduced in the short term.


Negative effects of CO2 emissions (carbon footprint) and operating costs.

When does the problem occur?


How is it currently resolved?

No technological solutions have been implemented to reduce fuel consumption in mine equipment.

Tested technologies

Technologies such as ionizing filters and additives have been tested, without achieving the expected  results.