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Lomas Bayas Mine Challenge “Control and mitigation of particulate matter emissions in loading operation”


Deadline 19/08/2022

Closing Time 4:00 pm

During the loading operation and as a consequence of
the presence of fine material, a significant amount of
particulate matter emissions are generated, which can
affect the environment, people’s health and operational
continuity due to the poor visibility that hinders
positioning maneuvers between the truck (CAEX) and shovel.

This call seeks technological solutions aimed at
mitigating particulate matter and/or facilitating operator
visibility during loading operations.

• Minimal operational interference for installation,
operation and maintenance of the proposed
• Own energy source in case it is necessary.
• Robustness of the solutions and their components
due to the operational conditions present (humidity,
pollution, impacts, extreme temperatures, wind, UV
radiation, etc.).
• Comply with health, safety and environmental
standards of Lomas Bayas Mine company.
i) For dust mitigation:
• Consider minimum or no water use.
• The application will be made in ultrafine material
(clay origin), so its hydrophobic characteristics must
be considered.
• In the case of additives/reagents: their use must be
compatible with industrial water, they must be
environmentally friendly, not generate impact on
metallurgical processes and non-toxic, compatible
with people’s health.
• For other types of solutions involving equipment,
they must be easy to install and operate in reduced
spaces, with mobile loading fronts and in the presence of high tonnage equipment.

ii) To facilitate the visibility of operators:
• Installation and operation must not
interfere with or modify existing electrical
or electronic systems on loading and
conveying equipment.
• Deliver online and real time information to
the equipment operator.
• Automatic reporting with flexibility to
design reports and indicators defined by
the client.
• Delivery of alerts to responsible areas or
persons according to predefined

The following will not be considered in the
background evaluation process:
• Advisories, consultancies or engineering
• Proposals that represent major
modifications in the design of existing

For dust mitigation, the use of fog cannons,
additives and reagents have been tested.
To facilitate operator visibility, an equipment
warning and positioning system has been tested.

Reduction of risk to people involved in the
loading operation.
• Health care for people, communities and the environment.
• Increased productivity in the loading and
transportation operation.

Mining, Environment and Safety