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On-line particle size measurement for SAG milling

Faena: El Tentiente

Deadline 04/05/2023

Closing Time 4:00 pm

In any concentrator plant operation, particle size
monitoring and control increases average performance
and reduces particle size variability in the mill products.
This improves the downstream process by minimizing
reagent consumption, maximizing recoveries and
improving dewatering efficiency.
At El Teniente Division, for the determination of particle
size in the concentrator plant, on-line analyzers are used,
which are fed with samples taken every 10 minutes, which
have high maintenance and low reliability.

Technological solutions are sought to provide online
measurement of particle size in SAG milling processes,
which must offer high availability and high accuracy.
It should be considered that the particle size of the pulp to
be measured has a P80 between 150 and 230 microns.
The scouting process could lead to identify and select
suppliers for a supply or purchase process, whose scope
will be defined according to the degree of maturity of the
proposals that apply to the open innovation process, which
could give rise to a pilot validation test, or to an
implementation if they are relevant and meet the
evaluation and selection criteria defined by Codelco.

Minimal or no presence of people for operation and
• Ability to discriminate different types of particles,
detecting irregular shapes.
• Higher frequency of analysis (minimum every 10
• Must deliver reports and alarms online, in the control
room or wherever the client requires.
• The analysis must be representative of a high pulp flow
(approx. 2,200 to 2,500 m3/hr).
• High accuracy. A maximum error of 2% is expected.
• Low maintenance and calibration requirements.
• Heavy duty characteristics with an availability of more
than 95%.
• Minimal modification of existing infrastructure.
• It is desirable that the solution does not require
transport of pulp samples (not excluding).

The granulometry measurement of SAG
milling at El Teniente Division is carried out
by online analyzers that transport the pulp
samples, causing obstructions in the lines
and decreasing the availability of data

Identify technological solutions to provide
online granulometry with high availability
and reliability.

Difficulties for the metallurgical and
operational control of the SAG milling
• Production losses due to lower recovery.
• Lower efficiency in water resource


On-line analyzers with pulp sample

No technologies other than those
mentioned have been tested.

The following will not be considered in the
background evaluation process:
• Advisories, consultancies or engineering
• Solutions that require major modifications
to the existing infrastructure.
• Solutions that require changes in the
process flowsheet.