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“Operational Continuity in low visibility conditions”


Deadline 07/01/2022

Closing Time 4:00 pm

In Teck’s Carmen de Andacollo (CDA) open-pit mining
operation, the use of extraction equipment is the
controlling stage of the production process, so any
restriction and/or stoppage directly affects operational
continuity and therefore the company’s productivity.
Among the conditions affecting operational continuity is
the quality of visibility in the mine and mine-plant circuits,
which is affected by adverse weather conditions such as
rain and mainly fog.

Identify technological solutions that allow driving in
adverse weather conditions with low visibility, ensuring
the operational continuity of the CAEX transportation fleet
and other vehicles.

– The solution must guide the driver while traveling
through the mine and mine-plant circuits, maintaining
a safe trajectory and with minimal or no risk of
– The system must allow driving in low visibility
conditions for both day and night operation.
– It is desirable that the solutions can be replicated in
other types of vehicles (vans, buses, medium trucks,
etc.), which will be considered as an added value.
– The solution must have a degree of maturity (TLR)
greater than or equal to 7, i.e., it must have at least
one prototype validated in an operational
– Minimum operational interference for installation,
operation and maintenance of the proposed
– For on-line and real-time monitoring systems,

information such as: portability and location; geo-
referencing of road signs; energy autonomy;

transmission protocols; resistance to hostile
environments (IP67 or similar).
– Must comply with Teck’s CDA Mining Company
safety and environmental standards.

-Advisories, consultancies and/or engineering
-Proposals that represent major changes in
the design of existing structures or equipment.
-Anti-collision systems (already in place).

The Mine Operations Superintendence
requires to increase the operational
continuity of mining trucks and other
equipment, in conditions of low visibility
caused by rain and mainly by fog.

– Exposure to risk of accidents to mine
operations personnel.
– Risk of non-compliance with production
– Unscheduled stoppages and/or speed
reduction of CAEX equipment due to
weather conditions that could lead to
production losses.

When adverse weather conditions such as
rain and fog do not allow proper visibility.

Operations must be stopped whenever rain
and fog hinder visibility. Some circuits inside
the mine must be restricted and/or the speed
of the equipment must be reduced.

Technological solutions have not been


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