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SG-04-2022 “Monitoring of chute liner wear”


Deadline 22/06/2022

Closing Time 4:00 pm

The Sierra Gorda concentrator plant currently processes
around 150,000 TPD. For this, asset management has
focused on maintaining its equipment and facilities in
optimal condition to ensure operational continuity.
Among the periodic activities is the replacement of the
chute liner, which implementation is scheduled based on
preventive and predictive maintenance criteria and
operational data; therefore, aspects that affect the useful
life of the facilities, such as improvements in the process
and the variability of the ore characteristics (abrasion and
humidity index), are not considered in the definition of
maintenance plans.

Identify technological solutions for monitoring the liner
wear level inside the chutes to optimize their maintenance,
replacement frequency and generate alerts in case of
premature wear.

The proposed technological solution should consider the
following requirements:
• It is desirable that wear monitoring be representative of
the entire casing or a major sector within the chute.
• In case of sensorization, ease of installation, removal
and maintenance of the devices.
• The operation and maintenance of the system should
consider a minimum or no presence of personnel in the
field and minimum operational interference.
• High availability of the monitoring systems.
• On-line and real-time monitoring is desirable (not
• The solution must provide reliable information and
alarms to optimize maintenance planning and act
preventively in case of undesired events.
• In case of an online monitoring system, information
such as: portability and location; data storage and
transmission capacity; transmission protocols; required
temperature and luminosity ranges; resistance to
hostile environments (IP67 or similar) must be provided.
• Comply with Sierra Gorda SCM’s security and
communications standards.

The following will not be considered in
the background evaluation process:
– Advisories, consultancies or
engineering studies.
– Proposals that represent a change in
the materiality and/or design of the
chute liners.

The lack of monitoring of the condition of
the chute liners does not allow the
identification of the elements that actually
require timely replacement due to wear.

High maintenance costs due to
scheduled replacement of plates in
good condition.
– Reduced availability of the concentrator
plant due to stoppages for preventive


Replacement of plates during maintenance does not optimize the level of wear. Use of plans, zoning and instructions necessary for maintenance management.

No technological tests have been performed to date. Only ultrasonic measurements have been performed