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Solutions to avoid transfer chute blockage


Deadline 18/11/2020

Closing Time 4:00 pm

Codelco has asked Expande to prospect the local and international ecosystem to identify technological solutions that respond to the technical challenge “Solutions to avoid transfer chute blockage”.

The primary crushing operation considers the reduction in size from the run of mine (ROM) ore to below 7 inches, which feeds the next stages of crushing and grinding.

Codelco’s Andina Division Transfer Project considers processing 7000 ton/h of ore, sending the primary crusher discharge to the secondary crusher through a system of conveyors connected by a large funnelshaped transfer chute (see appendix). In the lower part of this chute there is a risk of clogging when the humidity exceeds 6% and/or when the content of clays and fines increases, which would cause stoppages and production losses.

Given the above, Codelco’s Andina Division requires a search for technological solutions to avoid the adherence and blockage of ore in the indicated transfer chute.


Objectives of this prospection

Identify suppliers that have technological solutions to prevent and/or remove the clogging of ore in the transfer chute due to moisture and/or clay and fines content.


The proposed technological solution must consider the following conditions:

  • Installation in mechanical structure of the chute.
  • Ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Highly durable wear elements (resistance to impact and high humidity).
  • Minimal operational interference.
  • High availability of the systems.
  • Comply with the security standards of Andina Division, Codelco.



The following solutions will not be considered in the evaluation process:

  • Solutions to attack the root cause, reduce the moisture or clay and fines content of the ore.
  • Changes in the design of the chute. – Solutions that mean major changes in the plant facilities.
  • Consulting, advisory or engineering studies.