• This new collaboration reinforces the commitment of the mining company to the regional ecosystem.

As from December 2018 and so as to continue promoting the ecosystem of local suppliers that enables the mining industry to grow competitively and sustainably, Expande added a new strategic partner to its governance; i.e. the mining company of Collahuasi, in addition to the current ones: Antofagasta Minerals, BHP and Codelco.

First of all and together with Expande, the company will look to resolving the challenges that will enable it to increase its productivity and continue progressing in its care of the environment. Work will also continue in the development of a communications portal between local suppliers and the company.

During an interview with Expande, Carlos Arriagada, the company’s Manager for Contracts and Supplies referred to the challenges in the medium and long term, besides what this new collaboration means for suppliers.

– What is Collahuasi’s view in the medium and long term regarding the development of local suppliers?

At Collahuasi, we are involved in a lot more than copper and, because of that, the contribution we can make for the region is in terms of the development of human capital in all of its dimensions. In this area, we have been working within the field of school education through the Collahuasi Educational Foundation aimed at contributing toward improving regional education and improving techniques, thus providing greater opportunities for youngsters in Tarapacá. We have also strongly supported industrial associations in Iquique (AII) and in Tamarugal (AITPA) with their programs concerning the development of local suppliers, focused on increasing employment and the billing of their members. Along these same lines is our association with Expande where we are seeking to develop and retain advanced human capital for Tarapacá.

– How much importance does Collahuasi place on the Expande program?

Expande is a strategic partner who supports our projects of innovation and development of advanced human capital in this area; to a large degree because the program’s model considers the inclusion of some local technological companies in all of their projects in order to achieve the transfer of knowhow; meaning, even though skills cannot be found at present, in the region.

– What effect does Collahuasi have on the ecosystem of suppliers in the north whilst joining Expande?

Especially for the suppliers in the region of Tarapacá it is welcome news because, once more, it reinforces Collahuasi’s commitment with the regional ecosystem. As a matter of fact, it is a golden opportunity to show off its potential to develop and grow.

– What are the main challenges you seek to resolve with the support of Expande?

Regarding the challenges, they are in line with projects that enable us to increase productivity and continue our progress as regards care of the environment. In this sense, all of the initiatives associated with recycling are an interesting challenge. However, our first and foremost one is in line with our interest in developing local suppliers, especially in relation to the creation of a communications gateway between local suppliers and the company.