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OTR Tires Circular Challenge

In order to promote a space for articulation between companies interested in promoting the circular economy from this sector, SOFOFA Hub and CESCO (Center for Copper and Mining Studies) have created the Circular Economy Committee for Mining which is currently formed by representatives of Anglo American, Codelco, Antofagasta Minerals, Teck, the Chilean Mining Ministry, Collahuasi and SQM.   


The initiative has three subcommittees that articulate specific projects to advance the transition from specific by-products of this sector: the Copper Slag Subcommittee, the Mining Tailings Subcommittee and the Off-the-Road (OTR) tires Subcommittee.   


In this context, and with the purpose of improving sustainability and enabling the transition to greener mining industry, the Off-the-Road (OTR) Tires Subcommittee, led by Codelco, with the support of Fundación Chile’s Expande, has launched “OTR Tires Circular Challenge”, a global open innovation call that seeks to identify new applications for the by-products generated from OTR treatment. 

About the callenge 

This initiative is expected to identify solutions that allow to obtain new applications for the by-products generated from the treatment of Off-the-Road (OTR) tires.   


The challenge seeks to identify and promote the technological development of solutions that allow the generation of new uses and/or applications of by-products generated from the OTR tires valorization process.   


The field of application of the proposed solutions to address the challenge is OPEN – ended, however, some of the by-products of OTR Tires that could be used are mentioned: mulch, rubber powder, granulated rubber, steel wire, among others.  

Rubber mulch

Rubber powder

granulated rubber

Steel wire


Circular Economy principles

Solutions must be proposed based on circular economy principles

(See Annex: Roadmap for Circular Economy in Chile).  

Unit processes

Specify general characteristics of the unit processes involved in the entire value chain associated with the use and/or applications of OTR by-products.

Technical description

Technical description of new uses and/or applications from OTR by-products. 

Industrial property

Incorporate industrial property background of the processes to be considered. 

Business Model

Must mention the business model for solution commercialization (product sales, technology licensing, service contract, lease, or other).  

Maturity level

Must indicate the maturity level of the technology based on TRL scale

(Technology Readiness Level),

detailing success stories or developments that support it. 

Minimal Operational interference

For solutions that require the use of the mine site facilities, they must consider minimal or no operational interference for their implementation and/or application, and must comply with the corresponding entry permits.

HSE standards

Comply with the health, safety and environmental standards of the mining company where it is implemented and comply with current regulations. For proposals involving chemicals, these must not cause adverse effects on human health.

International suppliers

International suppliers must indicate availability to operate in Chile or through technical and/or commercial representatives. 



Who can apply?

Institutions, research centers, startups, universities, companies, or other entities with technological development capabilities that are legally established in accordance with the laws in force in their country of origin.   

Natural persons are excluded in this call.   

Competitive process

The best companies could have the opportunity to be selected to participate in a competitive sourcing or purchasing process, the scope of which will be defined according to the maturity level of the proposals that apply to the open innovation process, and could give rise to a pilot validation test, or to an implementation if they are relevant and meet the evaluation and selection criteria defined by the Off-the-Road tires Subcommittee.


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CODELCO, Corporación Nacional del Cobre de Chile CODELCO on behalf of the OTR Subcommittee of Sofofa Hub / CESCO, is an autonomous company owned by the Chilean government. Its main focus is to explore, develop, and exploit mineral resources, process them to produce refined copper and by-products, and then market them to clients worldwide. They carry out this work through six mining divisions: Chuquicamata, Ministro Hales, Radomiro Tomic, Gabriela Mistral, Salvador, Andina, El Teniente.

Expande seeks to promote the development of ecosystems that allow the creation of virtuous circles between the challenges of the natural resources industry and innovative solutions from local and international companies. Under a model of open innovation and associativity, we seek that companies and suppliers capture value for their businesses through the incorporation and implementation of technologies.

Fundación Chile is a public-private organization whose purpose is fostering the transformation of Chile towards sustainable development. For more than 45 years, it has collaboratively created innovative, high-impact solutions for the country, addressing local challenges with a global reach. It has been pioneer enhancing and enabling different productive sectors, such as the aquaculture industry, the agro– industrial sector, the movement towards renewable energies such as solar power, the first venture capital funds in Latin America, among others.