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AMSA-03-2022 “Predictive analytics based on integrated geotechnical monitoring”


Deadline 14/04/2022

Closing Time 4:00 pm

The Centinela Mine has a wide range of sensors and instruments such as: radars, accelerometers, geophones, extensometers, inclinometers, etc. These sensors measure physical magnitudes whose variations can represent alterations in the stability of the mining slopes. Each sensor or instrument has different time scales, measurements, sampling rates and formats, among others, which in general are analyzed in a particular way. Based on this, Centinela Mine requires a digital platform capable of integrating different types of instrumentation and perform univariate and multivariate analysis through models of the different levels of data available, in order to understand the predominant mechanics in the stability of slopes and predict events in the short, medium and long term, for timely decision making.

Real-time and on-line data integration -at least- from: ❖ Pore pressure or water level measurement systems (Piezometry) ❖ Ground Displacement Measurement Systems (Surface and Subsurface) ❖ Ground Motion Measurement Systems (Seismic) • Allow to incorporate discrete and stationary data by loading information sources. • Allow loading of topography, surfaces and solids for geolocation, geological and geotechnical information. • Predictive geotechnical modeling of events. • Perform analysis (configurable in terms of variables) of the indicated varieties. • With reporting tools and visualization of results and easy downloading of geolocated analysis information. • Generation of configurable alert criteria for different time ranges.

• Capacity to handle a high volume of data. (millions of bytes per day) • With capacity to operate in external servers and local servers. • Comply with Antofagasta Minerals’ security and communications standards.

  • Online platforms for instrumentation visualization and reporting.
  • Analytical platform focused on a specific sensor.

Understand the main failure mechanisms and the physical phenomena that trigger them. • Increase the reliability of the stability analysis of the different zones of interest allowing mining designs more adapted to the observed behavior of the rock mass. • Reduce risk in pit operations. • Reduce non-productive time due to geotechnical alerts.

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