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Innovations in wear linings for hoppers and chutes

Faena: Chuquicamata Division

Deadline 20/06/2023

Closing Time 4:00 pm

Currently, in the crushing plant of Codelco – Chuquicamata Division, wear liners are used in hoppers and chutes consisting of steel plates with a maximum weight of 25 kg to comply with current regulations for manual material handling. These plates are subjected to abrasion and permanent impact from the ore being processed and therefore have a maximum life of approximately 3 months, with a throughput of between 5 and 15 million tons. In addition, the frequent stoppages for the replacement of these linings imply risks, both of accidents to the people who perform the maintenance work, as well as for the fulfillment of the production plans.

Identify technological solutions or alternative products to conventional steel linings that allow for increased performance and rapid installation. Proposals for new materials or alloys of lower density than conventional steel plates are expected. The scouting process could lead to the identification and selection of suppliers for a competitive supply or purchase process, the scope of which will be defined according to the maturity level of the proposals that apply to the open innovation process, which could lead to a pilot validation test, or to an implementation if they are relevant and meet the evaluation and selection criteria defined by Codelco.

  • ┬áThe plates must have a maximum weight of 25 kg to comply with current regulations.
  • The liners should have the same or similar dimensions to the plates currently in use, 394 mm long and 194 mm wide.
  • It is desirable that the plates reach a useful life of 12 months and/or a yield of 40 million tons processed.
  • The solution should have design conditions that facilitate rapid installation/disinstallation at the point of work.
  • The technology readiness level must be greater than or equal to TRL 8, i.e. it must have a complete and qualified solution through demonstrations and tests in an operational environment.
  • It is desirable to include a cost estimate per plate.
  • Consultancies, advisories and engineering studies.
  • Proposals involving changes in the design of chutes or hoppers.
  • Linings of smaller dimensions (length x width) than the current ones.
  • Additives or coatings for conventional plates.

According to current regulations, the current steel linings of the chutes and hoppers in the crushing plant can have a maximum weight of 25 kg, which only allow a useful life of 3 months, equivalent to a performance of between 5 and 15 million tons.

  • Risks of accidents to people during lining replacement tasks.
  • Risks of non-compliance with production plans.


Conventional 25 kg steel plates and replacement every 3 months approx.

No new technologies have been tested.