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Management platform for contract activities

Faena: Los Pelambres Mine

Deadline 11/01/2022

Closing Time 4:00 pm

Los Pelambres Mine controls the activities contained in the Management of third-party contracts Guideline (ADC) through the RACI matrix, which contains 14 tasks segmented  according to responsibility and frequency. These activities are operationalized through BackOffice and are executed for critical and operational segments.

Currently, the control of the activities is done through e-mails in units centralized to the ADC, there is no integration with other available sources of information, and it is not  possible to have an effective control of the execution time of each activity, as the level of coverage of the Third-party services Management Superintendence (GST), the BackOffice, the fulfillment of tasks and the quality of deliverables. Consequently, the GST requires a platform that centrally digitizes the control, management and reporting of the activities contained in the RACI Matrix.

The aim is to have a centralized, web-based, intuitive and interactive system that allows the GST to ensure the productivity, quality and efficiency of the processes involved in the fulfillment of the activities contained in the RACI matrix.

The solution must have the following features:

• Load the activities of the matrix and the pull of professionals that will use the system according to a user profile.
• Generate the requirements considering the time baseline  considered for each activity (Service-Level Agreement SLA) for all processes, in addition to the real control of the times of the generated requests.
• Authentication of the people authorized to access the platform.
• Automatic display panel of the contract administrator (managed contracts, service name and segment) and assignments (assigned area, activity, assigned user, required information and documentation).
• Status of requests made, with execution time tracking. (estimated and actual)
• Automatic alerts of periodic activity due dates.
• Observations panel that explains whether the request is accepted or rejected, with the option to be an internal communication tool among those involved.
• Upload files to the system, in the established formats.
• Updating the system’s contract database.
• Reporting that considers the follow-up and traceability of status (alerts/notifications to responsible parties), execution times, bottlenecks, number of activities assigned to each responsible party, etc.
• Compatibility with other platforms or information systems. (for example: SAP, work book, etc.).

A visual example of the requirement is provided in the Annex to this Technical Sheet.

There is no background of previous

Ensure the promise of value of service
• Measure and improve time involved in
contract management activities.
• Eliminate duplicate recording activities.
• Centralize and have traceability of ADC
• Use of information and statistics to
strengthen the support network and
knowledge of Contract Administrators.

Percentage level of adherence to the
current contract administration model >
• Reduction of deadlines for compliance
of activities.
• Improvement in the interaction of the
areas involved.

Area of interest
Management of Third Party Services,
Contract Administrators
Interested management
Pilot for mine areas and operation support
Processes involved
Management of service contracts