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Mining software for geometric reconciliation


Deadline 11/08/2020

Closing Time

CODELCO has asked Expande to prospect the local and international ecosystem to identify technological solutions that respond to the technical challenge “Mining software for geometric reconciliation”.


The Ministro Hales División of Codelco-Chile is an open-pit mining with an extraction rate of more than 50,000 tonnes per day. The ore is sent to a stand alone concentrator plant. The geometric reconciliation of mining development is the quantification of the differences between the real state of its slopes, banks, berms, among others; and its original design. This is critical to meeting safety, production and operating cost targets. Currently, the geometric reconciliation process is carried out manually supported by specialized software, demanding a high amount of resources and time in the processing of the basic data. In this context, an opportunity has opened up to incorporate innovative solutions that focus on automation, speed and reliability of results in the geometric reconciliation process.


To identify a technological solution (software) that allows the geometric reconciliation and topographic survey of
different production scenarios, automatically, quickly and with reliable results.

Technological Solutions requirements

▪ Degree of maturity at prototype level with applications in operational environment, TRL ≥ 7.
▪ Indicate capacity and interaction with mining design and planning software such as Vulcan (Maptek) or MinePlan
/ Minesight (Hexagon).
▪ 3D visualization of the block model together with the geometric reconciliation.
▪ Reporting tools.
▪ Storage in a standardized and auditable database.
▪ Able to operate on local servers or computers.
▪ Desirable conciliation of ore grades, but not exclusive.