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Online characterization of the ore fed to Rougher Flotation


Deadline 08/06/2020

Closing Time

Technological solutions are sought to characterize the feed to the Rougher Flotation mineralogically and physically, determining both microscopy and the size distribution for each type of copper sulphide (floatable and non-floatable) online and in real time.

Currently, incremental samplings of the rougher float feed are carried out, generating a composite per work shift. These are mineralogically characterized to determine, among other aspects, mineral liberation, type of copper, mineralogical association and presence of pyrite. In addition, a physical characterization is carried out in order to determine the grainsize profile and chemical analysis of the tailings. All this information is received 12 hours later (1 work shift) and is stored to make statistics of the process, but it is not useful to act in a timely manner.

Tested technologies
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