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Oversize ore detection system prior to primary crushing


Deadline 13/11/2020

Closing Time

Codelco has asked Expande to prospect the local and international ecosystem to identify technological solutions that respond to the technical challenge “Oversize ore detection system prior to
primary crushing”.

During the exploitation of minerals in open pit mines, the blasting operation is carried out to fragment and facilitate the loading and hauling to the crushing plant. Occasionally, fragmentation is not complete and oversize ore are generated and exceed the maximum granulometry allowed by primary crushing.

In the Andina Division, Codelco, oversize ore with a size greater than 1160 mm must be reduced by hydraulic rockbreakers before feeding the primary crusher, which interfere with the continuity of the crushing process and causing production issues.

For this reason, a search for technological solutions is required to detect oversized ore on the shovels and/or in the mining trucks, prior to feeding to the primary crusher.


Objectives of this prospection
Identify suppliers that have technological solutions for the detection of oversize ore in loading and hauling equipment such as shovels and/or mining trucks, prior to feeding to the primary crusher.

The proposed technological solution must consider the following conditions:

  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Online/Real-Time Data System
  • Resistance to open pit mine operational conditions (vibration, shock, dust, etc.)
  • Resistance to adverse climatic and environmental conditions such as rain, snow, humidity and low temperatures.
  • Detection at different levels of visibility and for 24 hours/day.
  • Minimal operational interference.
  • High availability of the systems.
  • Comply with the security standards of Andina Division, Codelco.


The following solutions will not be considered in the evaluation process:

  • Solutions that prevent the origin of oversize ore in stages prior to loading, such as drilling and blasting.
  • Solutions that propose changes in the design of shovels, hoppers, chutes, feeders or other main equipment and
    facilities of the loading-transport-crushing circuit.
  • Solutions to reduce the size of mucks.
  • Engineering studies and/or consultancies.