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Protection or anti corrosion coating systems for infrastructure

Faena: Andina Division

Deadline 18/05/2023

Closing Time 4:00 pm

Codelco Andina Division Plant Management has different physical assets whose buildings and civil works are exposed to direct or indirect corrosion. Mainly, the constructive elements that integrate these works are reinforced concrete and steel, which suffer important structural deterioration due to the corrosive environment existing in the humid areas of the different plants, especially the flotation and filtration areas. As a result, this deterioration generates risks, both for the safety of people passing through these areas, as well as environmental and operational risks.

Identify solutions to prevent or delay the corrosion process in the constructive elements, such as steel and concrete, of the plant infrastructure. Solutions that allow both direct protection as well as coatings or insulators are desirable. The scouting process could be conducive to identify and select suppliers for a competitive process of supply or purchase, whose scope will be defined according to the technology readiness level of the proposals that apply to the open innovation process, which could lead to a pilot validation test, or to an implementation if they are relevant and meet the evaluation and selection criteria defined by Codelco.

  • It must increase the useful life of the plant infrastructure and/or extend the time between maintenance
  • Should provide an estimate of frequency of reapplication or replacement
  • Minimal or no operational interference for its implementation and/or application.
  • For proposals involving chemical products, these should not cause adverse effects on people and processes such as milling, flotation and filtering.
  • Minimal personnel requirements for implementation and/or application.
  • It must have high resistance to adverse environmental and climatic conditions such as extreme temperatures, wind, fog, rain, snow, humidity, particulate matter, corrosive environment, among others.
  • For confined buildings or underground infrastructure, it must not generate toxic or flammable gases. It must be supported with technical data sheets and safety data sheets.
  • For its implementation, it is desirable that it is not required to stop the equipment in the plant.
  • Components must be compatible with the infrastructure available at Codelco Andina Division.
  • Comply with the health, safety and environmental standards of Codelco Andina Division.

Consulting, advising and engineering studies.

Protect plant infrastructure from corrosion, increasing its useful life and/or extending the time between maintenance.

  • Structural unstability in the plants. Risk of accidents to people passing through operational areas.
  • Operational and environmental risks in case of spills or leaks.
  • Production losses due to corrective maintenance of infrastructure.


Frequent corrective and preventive maintenance to recover and/or replace damaged infrastructure due to corrosion.

No new technologies have been tested