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Warning of parapet proximity during unload of mining trucks


Deadline 12/10/2021

Closing Time 4:00 pm

The ore loading and transportation process is key to the fulfillment of production plans at all mining sites, so it is necessary to provide continuity to these operations and minimize the risks of associated incidents. A frequent maneuver is unloading in dumps by mining trucks, which involves a permanent risk of exceeding the safety parapets.

Identify technological solutions to detect the proximity of the parapet during the unloading of mining trucks and alert the driver if the truck-parapet distance is less than the predefined minimum safety distance to perform the maneuver, avoiding false alarms.

The proposed technological solution should consider the following requirements:

  • It is expected to allow a visualization and interaction interface with supervisors and drivers, with delivery of reliable and accurate information of the distance between the parapet and the truck, online and in real time.
  • It is desirable that it has Artificial Intelligence with activation of the systems only during backing maneuvers, prior to the unloading of material and avoiding false alarms.
  • It should not affect the structural condition of the mining trucks. It must allow easy installation, uninstallation and maintenance of the devices.
  • Minimal interference with existing operations and communication systems.
  • High availability of the system in adverse conditions (pollution, humidity, noise, impact).
  • Must have at least one prototype tested in operational environment (TRL greater than or equal to 7).
  • Must provide information regarding: portability and location of the devices; data storage and transmission capacity; energy autonomy; transmission protocols; required temperature and luminosity ranges; resistance to hostile environments (IP67 or similar).
  • Comply with the security and communications standards of Codelco Ministro Hales Division.

The following will not be considered in the background evaluation process: -Advisories, consultancies or engineering studies.

Currently, mining truck drivers do not have rear display and alerts during unloading operations, so they do not have a reference of the proximity between the truck and the parapet at the dump.

Risk of safety incidents if the truck goes over the parapet during unloading.

Permanent, during landfill unloading operations.

The driver of the mining truck loads only with the help of the rear-view mirrors.

New technologies have not been tested.

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