It rewards the efforts of both institutions as a result of promoting and encouraging international cooperation that materialized out of the METS Tech Passport Exchange.

The Open Innovation Program on Mining, Expande, formulated by Fundación Chile and METS Ignited was acknowledged last April 24 by the Australian Embassy in our country for encouraging international cooperation in tech innovation between both countries.

The reward is in recognition of the efforts put in by the institutions as a result of promoting cooperation through the METStech Passport, a technological exchange program that seeks to generate cross-pollination with an exchange of ideas and synergies of challenges between Australia and Chile.

During the second half of 2018, the startups and/or suppliers selected, and those with a potential for internationalization, may gain access to counseling, workshops, network events and institutional aid to facilitate their soft-landing in the Australian and Chilean markets, respectively.

For Enrique Molina, Executive Director of Expande, “this reward leaves evidence that cooperation and a systematic view among the different parties in the mining industry at an international level is crucial for the development of a more productive and competitive sector”.

“METS Tech Passport is the first step we are taking with Expande, aimed at fostering cooperation with Australia, according to which we face great challenges in common”, Molina added.

On the other hand Ric Gros, CEO of METS Ignited pointed out that “METS Ignited is committed to continue searching for ways in which to increase competitiveness within the Australian METS sector and cooperate with the mining industry in Chile and thus enable us to continue cooperating in the search for common goals and compliance with the challenges we share.  This acknowledgement is a true reflection of the efforts both countries have made together, of which we are very proud”, he added.