• Four companies will dig deeper into the different components that make up the preparation of a strategy or policy on intellectual copyright for a period of 5 months.

After five months’ work and training, the National Copyright Institute, INAPI came to the conclusion that this was the first pilot program “Master Class PI”, created/developed by the French Office for Intellectual Copyright  (INPI) for the formation of Directors and Executives of innovatory companies on matters concerning intellectual copyright.

The program was held in cooperation with the Open Innovation Program on Mining, and Expande invited four companies to participate: Elecmetal, High Service, the Emin Group and Proter, who proceeded to reveal the different components, preparing a strategy or policy of intellectual copyright (trademarks, brands, authors’ rights, tools for valuing assets and commercial secrets) aimed at implanting an ad-hoc policy within companies in a course that was held on the basis of five stages.

For Maximiliano Santa Cruz, National Director of the National Copyright Institute (INAPI) “intellectual copyright enable companies to create and maintain a competitive edge and strike a difference with their competitors and this is something that generates even more value using brands or by means of innovation. It also allows them to capitalize on their investments and convert knowhow, technology and innovation into an intangible asset. Creating a copyright IP in a company will enable them to set clear objectives and align management’s narratives with those of the inspectorates and the innovation equipment which often act quite separately from each other”.

“I have to thank Expande for their alacrity in accepting this program we are trying to encourage INAPI, together with the French INPI, as well as companies participating who offered their services for conducting this pilot program that has been tremendously useful for getting to know the importance of the strategic use of intellectual copyright”, added the director.

On the other hand, Ricardo Morgado, Director for Strategy and Development at Expande, assured listeners that “our role with the Open Innovation Program on Mining is to be able to contribute toward holding more of these types of initiatives and thus foster the importance of having an intellectual property strategy and spreading its values within a broad-based network of tech based companies our program has prospected”.

Jacqueline González, Innovation and Development Engineer at Elecmetal added that “intellectual copyright is vital within a company’s strategy, more so when it is part of a management of innovation that is growing. This program enables us to establish what we require with copyright clearly, from how contracts are managed and their strategies. This will help us lever projects and learn how to protect them.

“Nowadays, we are encouraging the development of copyright policies at a level of contracts and the management of information and, for that reason, we lodged our first patent with INAPI last week and which is still in process”, added the engineer.