The Federal State of Bavaria has focused its efforts on engaging with innovation strategies and technological developments in order to contribute toward a more competitive and modern industry. As a result of this, it has become the most relevant party on issues related to progress in the region, thanks to the Master Plan of DIGITAL BAVARIA that is heading toward digital transition at a regional level, in addition to the development of 17 industrial clusters grouped together in different sectors: tech information and communications, automation and mechatronics, nanotechnology, aerospace technology and sensor technology, among others.

Within this context and so as to encourage the development of local suppliers capable of incorporating this type of technology in the mining industry, the Open Innovation Program on Mining, Expande, together with representatives from the Federal State of Bavaria for South America, with the support of Fundación Chile, launched the “Digital Transformation Challenge”, a tech immersion program addressed to startups and/or companies with a focus on digital transformation.

The activity enjoyed the participation of Inga Heuser, Counselor for Economic, Scientific and Technological Affairs, with the cooperation of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Chile; Pamela Valdivia, Executive Director of the Representation of the Federal State of Bavaria for South America; Carsten Rudolph, CEO of BayStartUp; Mauro Valdés, chairman of High Grade; Eduardo Gorchs,  vice-chairman of the division for industry and mining at Siemens; Rafael Palacios, director of public policies in Sofofa; José Manuel Correa, executive director of Endeavor; Andrés Pesce, Manager for New Businesses and Sustainability at Fundación Chile and Enrique Molina, Executive Director of Expande.

For Enrique Molina, Executive Director of Expande, the “Digital Transformation Challenge” was the second of the programs we are fostering in close cooperation with international organizations aimed at encouraging local suppliers to exploit new markets and create opportunities for collaboration within the ecosystem leader on industry matters 4.0. Today we are inviting all of the startups and/or companies that are developing solutions with a focus on the Internet of Industrial Things, Cyber security, Automated Machines and Advanced Manufacture as well as Electro Mobility and which have their own business model, validated technology and the capacity to form alliances with industrial partners”.

The winners, who will be selected as a result of the scope and impact of their innovation during a Demo Day in December, will be able to take part in “MUST – The Munich Summit 2019”, one of the most important events on the technological innovation calendar in Germany that every year attracts tech startups and which gathers together more than 150 industry leaders and investors aimed at promoting industrial scaling. Moreover, they will have access to get-togethers with key parties from the German tech industry as well as visits to technological hubs, among other activities.

Pamela Valdivia, Executive Director of the Representation of the Federal State of Bavaria for South America stressed that “digital transformation has a huge impact on society, politics and the economy, besides acting as an engine for innovation for the future by means of creating new business models and offering a series of different options for companies”.

“The State of Bavaria actively supports digital transformation in order to ensure that companies take advantage of these opportunities in the future. With that, jobs are assured as well as sustainable welfare for the whole of the region. For that reason, they have proposed becoming leaders in this process”, the director pointed out.

On the other hand, Carsten Rudolph, CEO of BayStartup, a Bavarian institute for training, financing and accelerated companies, supported by the Minister for the Bavarian Economy as well as by private partners, ensured that “one of the reasons that it makes sense for startups to become oriented toward industry located in Bavaria is their proximity to such companies such as Siemens”.

“When you trace a circle around Munich you can reach the majority of German and Austrian companies, including such biggies as Porsche and also some of the smaller ones. It is a very good industrial base that could mean more customers for startups that are just beginning”, added Rudolph.

Companies interested in the Digital Transformation Challenge may apply up to October 28 through the web site