The Trommel is a classification system per size of ore coming from the mills. It downstream allows passing of the ore complying with required grading and returns the one requiring further comminution. It is equipped with palmettes that mechanically allow passing of the smallest particles with regards of its mesh, and in turn, it retains the largest. From a physical stand point of view, the Trommel is attached to the SAG Mill (Semi-Autogenous Grinding) and when the mill is stopped for maintenance purposes, replacement of the Trommel’s palmettes must also be executed. The problem is that the duration of the linings (palmettes) of the Trommel is not the same as the duration of the mill’s linings and therefore, availability of the SAG grinding process is affected because it must be stopped only to replace the Trommel’s palmettes generating high impacts on production.

The Trommel’s palmettes handler is a robotic equipment designed and developed to execute, in an automatic and remote mode, replacement of palmettes during scheduled detentions of SAG grinding.